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What is the maximum occupancy of guests at deck655?

350 guests: Reception Style

Can we bring in our own Vendors?

Yes, you can use any other type of vendor that is not on the building's list (except for the catering, bar catering and rental companies as mentioned). The only requirement is that the company must be a professional company, with a business license and business insurance.

Can we use any Caterer?

You are required to use one of the caterers from our list. These companies have completed the insurance requirements and venue inspection. They are permitted to deliver and work in the building. For a current catering list, please contact Amanda at (619) 993-0710 or

Will Vendors be recommended?

Yes, our company Creative Affairs has been working in the industry for 14 years and has built relationships with multiple vendors. Once signing the contract, we will refer vendors within your budget.

Can we bring in our own beverages?

Yes, you can bring in ALL of your own beverages.  The only requirement is that, because of licensing requirements, you hire a bartender through one of the caterers or bar catering companies on the preferred list. There are NO corkage fees. *PLEASE NOTE THAT SHOTS OR KEGS ARE NOT PERMITTED.

What is the required deposit and when is it due? Is it refundable?

The amount varies depending upon the type of event. It is due once the contract is signed and submitted. The deposit is NON-refundable.

Is there an additional tax or service charge to rent out the space?

No, there are no additional charges.

What are the allotted rental hours for the venue? Does this include set-up and break down?

The room rental rate includes 5 hours of event time. One additional hour can be purchased. The longest an event can occur is 6 hours.  All events must end by 12:00am. Monday – Friday set-up can occur as early as 3pm, or 3 hours prior to the event start time.   If needed, additional set-up hours can be purchased for $250 per hour. Break Down: The vendors must arrive at the end of the event and 1 hour is given for break down.

Is user responsible for set-up and clean up?

The venue's On-site Event Manager oversees set-up prior to the event to make sure the room is in perfect condition.  A cleaning crew cleans the space after the vendors have left.  These services are included in the rental price. Creative Affairs team is not responsible for the placement, set up, or breakdown of table décor (floral, centerpieces, candles, etc). If any décor is left behind at the completion of break down a $500 charge will be deducted from your damage deposit.

Can we have live music and how late can we play music?

Yes, you can have live music or a DJ.  Fog machines or laser shows are not permitted. All events must end by 12:00am.

Are there any rules regarding candles?

Candles are allowed providing they meet CA fire regulations. You MUST be able to set a tissue over the top of the candle holder for 10 seconds without it catching fire.  Also the lit flame of a candle must be 1" below the glass rim of the candle holder.

Is an Event Manager included or is that an extra cost?

An On-site day of Event Manager is included in the price of the event.  There is NO extra charge for this service.

What about Children / Young Adult Events?

We do require 1 adult per 15 young adults. On-site staff is not responsible for the actions or safety of the guests. The client must also have someone present to help with set-up and break down of the event.

Is smoking allowed on the patio?

Smoking is not allowed at the venue, or anywhere on the property.  We do not allow smoking in any form, which includes vape pens, cigars, pipes or cigarettes.

Are there decorating restrictions?

No tape, duct tape or nails are to be used anywhere in the space.  Also no ladders can be used for any purpose.

What are the regulations about having signage downstairs or outside of the building?

You can have a person standing to greet guests, but signage, easels, and tables are not allowed in the building’s lobby or outside the building on the sidewalk. You can have as much signage as you would like in the venue.

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