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6-Point Checklist for Corporate Event Planning In 2020

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Whether you’re planning an industry-related conference, a networking event, or a seminar, your corporate event requires much planning, ideally months in advance. To keep your event running smoothly, while also making guests happy, you will need a checklist of to-do’s. Below are some tips to begin your corporate event planning checklist.

1. Establish The Purpose and Goals of Your Event

First, determine the purpose of your event. Will this be for educating, entertaining, or fundraising? For example, a networking event will have different needs from an educational seminar. Spend time brainstorming with your team to solidify the end goal of the event. Once you determine the reason for the event, it’s easier to figure out the how.

2. Create a Budget & Timeline for Your Corporate Event

After your team establishes the goal of your corporate event, it’s time to write out a budget and a timeline. Brainstorming these far in advance will save you a lot of time once the event is around the corner. Outline the budget with the essentials and modify to your needs. Start with the essentials and continue to add line items as suggested by your team members.

One helpful starting point is to consider the venue, food, marketing, décor, entertainment, and A/V. Creating this List early prevents you from forgetting anything essential. It also minimizes stress when the date of the event approaches. By planning early on, you have time to decide which elements are most important to your corporate party location. Once you figure out the essentials, allocate a larger portion of your budget to those elements.

Corporate Event Planning Timeline

Prior to the event, you will likely need two Ftimelines. For each timeline, brainstorm with you team to write out a to-do list for each month and week leading up the event. This ensures every detail is addressed to the very last day of the event. For example, once your team finalizes the attendee list, you will need to schedule the outgoing invitations. This should happen several weeks before the event. Give yourself a reasonable date for RSVPs, then broadcast the message to your guests.

The timeline for the day itself will be the master plan for all vendors and team members involved. It should cover logistical details, as well, ensuring the event “flows” together. Request feedback from vendors so everyone is on the same page.

3. Build Your Corporate Event Team

Assign each team member a task to manage. For example, one person can be in charge of managing the A/V. Simultaneously, another team member can oversee the catering, while a third arranges for a clean-up crew. The size of the team you need all depends on the type and scale of event, of course. If your event is quite large or complex, it may require additional sub-teams.

4. Research Entertainment Options

It is important to keep your attendees entertained during the event. Keep them engaged with a number of activities. For example, if planning an informational event, you can develop interactive training programs to help participants apply their knowledge and receive immediate feedback. This can lead into a networking activity by way of assigning teams to build a “project” for review.

5. Evaluate and Select Venue for Your Corporate Event

Locate a venue that compliments the purpose of your corporate event. The corporate event venue should reflect your audience and the business purpose of the event. A seminar or lecture will likely require rows of tables and a stage for the lecturers. By contrast, a networking event will more likely require an open-space layout designed for socializing.

6. Make Sure Clients’ Needs are Met

Will your event have VIPs attending? If so, talk with team members in your organization to determine who will greet the special guests. Will you be providing
name tags or checking in guests?, Ensure there is enough space between the entrance and the check-in station. This will prevent a bottleneck in the flow of traffic.

Additionally, set out a large selection of refreshments and snack items] please your guests. Obtain a list of allergies prior to the event to ensure all attendees enjoy your corporate event without concern. Provide a mix of sweet and savory, along with a variety of textures to account for all palates.

The Importance Of Corporate Event Planning

We understand how important it is to plan every detail far ahead of the event itself. No matter the requirements of your particular corporate event, deck655 has the amenities you need. Our team of award-winning, experienced event planners bring years of excellence and a well-known reputation in the industry. Our in-house team will streamline the process from start to finish and help you in any capacity possible. This, paired with our versatile indoor/outdoor space and state-of-art technology keep your event running smoothly. Contact us today to begin preparing for your next corporate event.