birthday party invitation ideas

5 Amazing Birthday Party Invitation Ideas

Birthday & Theme Party Invitation Ideas

Are you planning to celebrate a new year of your life with your closest loved ones? Once you have chosen a date and theme for your party, it’s time to tell your potential guests. Want to capture the attention of your guest list? Put a unique spin on your birthday party invitation!

Here is a list of 5 amazing birthday party invitation ideas that you can use for your own party! All of these options can be executed in several ways. As a result, they can help create a birthday party invitation for someone as unique as you are.

Make Your Birthday Party Invitation Personal

One definite way to make your invite stand out is by creating it yourself. There are many free resources for creating invites including Canva, Shutterfly and Greetings Island. These resources offer a lot of flexibility to stretch your creativity. To get started, first choose a layout or design your own.  After you are happy with the layout, you can select fonts, colors and stickers.

If you are going to design your own invite, try including a photo!  You can use photos of yourself or of your venue, for example. Venue photos of your invitation can get people excited about attending your birthday party.

Do you like the idea of personalization, but don’t consider yourself creative? Don’t worry – you’re still in luck. The resources above have many free templates so you don’t need to start from scratch. They are also very user-friendly for beginners.

Use a Non-Rectangular Invitation

Most commonly, party invitations are rectangular in form. If you want to get away from traditional, think outside of that box. This will help your invite stand apart at first glance and it’s easy to get started.

Often, the theme of your party can be the best resource for the look of your invitation, including the shape. Have you decided on a theme for your party? If you know what food you will be serving, consider shaping your invite to match.

Let’s say you enjoy drinking martinis and you have planned for a bartender at your party. In this case, you can have the shape your invitation shaped as the glass of your favorite cocktail. This could be a gimlet, a hurricane glass, or even a stein. This custom shape not only gives your invite style but tells your invitees what they can expect from your event.

Have Your Birthday Party Invitation Activate the Senses

Giving your invitees a different sensory experience is a strong way to set your invite apart. One way to recognize a great invitation is when it provides an attractive visual experience. So after you have personalized your invitation with pictures, take it a step further.

For example, take two similar but slightly different pictures (such as with different facial expressions). These pictures can be used to make an animated card which will give it a 3-D effect. This will change the appearance of your invite at different angles.

Also, invitations are capable of more than just catching the eyes of invitees. In fact, you can tap into another sense by making your invites scented. Let’s say you want the theme of your party to be an autumn celebration. As a result, you can get your invitees into the spirit food by having your invite scented like pumpkin spice or pinecone.

Or, if libations are your thing, why not have an invitation that smells like a margarita, mojito, or pina colada? This will be a fun grown-up twist on the ‘scratch and sniff’ stickers we enjoyed as kids. Your guests will be sure to comment

Include a Favor with Your Invite

We all know that birthday parties traditionally include presents for the guest of honor. But what if upon opening the envelope that includes your invitation, your invitees saw a favor? This will capture their attention immediately.

For example, consider including a dessert, such as a cookie. Amaze your guests by personalizing the decoration of your cookie. As an option, you could ice the names of your guests on the cookies themselves. This is another opportunity to incorporate your theme and create a consistent image of your birthday party. Alternatively, you may decide to do something unexpected – such as include a cookie that looks like you.

If you decide to include a treat with your invite, consider serving this treat at your party also. If you include a cookie, as in the example above, make note that there will be a custom cookie and milk station on hand at the event. This will be another thing that will get your potential guests interested in attending.

Put Your Birthday Party Invitation on a Different Canvas

When you think of a party invitation, what comes to mind? Most likely, it’s a variety of colors, text and a simple pattern on rectangular cardstock. If you want to ‘wow’ your invitees, give them something unexpected!

Let’s say you enjoy being crafty and like to DIY. In this case, you might want to be more hands-on with your invitation. One way to get started is to write a list of words that pertain to your party. After you have spent some time thinking, use your thoughts as inspiration.

If you are looking for a completely different way to reach your invitees, then video is a very modern way to invite guests to your birthday party. Resources such as Picovico and YouVivid have options for such announcements. If you love being on camera, you can use YouTube to film yourself talking about your party.

Your invitation will be the first impression that potential guests will have of your party. By creating an amazing birthday party invitation, you can get your guests looking forward to celebrating with you!