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7 Ways to Throw an Amazing Wedding Anniversary Party Within Budget

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As one of the best San Diego event venues, we’ve quickly become a popular choice for hosted events, from birthdays to weddings. When working with wedding couples, the only thing we love more than a successful wedding is when they come back for more. Here at deck655, we are perfectly set to host many successful anniversary parties at our venue, and are happy to help share some of our best tips with you!

Many debates whether to have an anniversary party due to fear of it being almost as pricey as their wedding, or given other large life. However, there are a lot of ways to hold a beautiful anniversary party within your expected price range. So how might one stay within the target range while still planning an amazing anniversary party? Our team has put together “7 Ways to Throw an Amazing Wedding Anniversary Party Within Budget”!

1. Start with figuring out your budget and other important logistics

The best way to begin planning your anniversary party within budget is to first find out the maximum price point that you are willing to spend. By doing so, you are able to set a cap on how much to allocate to each aspect of the party. For example, if you have a target budget in mind, you can start to estimate the cost for each specific vendor or service. By thinking through all the important logistics at the beginning of the planning process, this will help things go smoother down the road.

2. Decide on a Venue

Depending on your budget flexibility, there are several venues to suit whatever you may be looking for. Once you have a good idea of how many people will be in attendance, you can start looking into different sized venues. If your budget is on the more modest side, consider limiting the invite list to an inviting a small inner circle of family and friends. Or, if budget allows, consider including a larger group of extended family and co-workers. Once your approximate guest list is decided, choose an event space that specializes in groups of this size, and a team that will help you through the process.

3. Make a Simple Menu

In order to book the venue of your choice, you may want to plan for a deliciously simple menu, as opposed to a grand feast. Otherwise, food can be one of the more budget-heavy parts of a party, especially when factoring in any dietary restrictions and preferences. By deciding on what type of food you’d like to have to bring it to the essentials, you’ll be able to save some bucks in this area 🙂 For example, consider serving crowd-pleasing comfort food with buffet-style dining, and wine and beer as opposed to a full bar. Additionally, if you plan on having a more casual event, look into having finger foods or a dessert table in place of an actual sit down meal.

4. Look Into Minimal or Homemade Décor

A décor budget can add up, especially if you plan to have a visually engaging event. Some ways to save money in this area are to have fewer decorations or to make them yourself. By having a more minimalist party, you’ll be able to reduce cost on setup, which will enable you to allow more budget to other areas of the party. if you choose to hand-make decorations, you will be able to save a bit, as opposed to hiring a service to make them for you. It also is good to plan on a simple theme, as opposed to a lavish presentation that requires a lot of elements, such as backdrops and complex lighting. Finally, if you select a venue that already looks great, your work will be a lot easier!

5. Figure Out What You Want at Your Party

In order to further break down your event budget, it is best to know what you want to have during the event, and how much you ideally want to spend on each feature. For example, if you plan to have live musicians or a close-up magician, then be sure to factor this into your budget. You will want to research these types of professional services, so you have an understanding of the going rates. By doing so, you’ll be able to have a better idea of how much you can realistically spend on each aspect of the party. You’ll also be more organized with your event planning. If budget allows, consider hiring an event planner who will take care of these details for you.

6. Invitations

Invitations can be another very crucial part of coordinating an event, and there are so many different kinds you can send out! If you are looking to save money in this category, consider making a nice and professional e-vite that can be sent out to all guests. Other options include creating paper invites, or even personalized cards with a hand-written note.

7. Plan Out a Guest List

After you have a general idea of your group size, it’s time to create the actual guest list! This will keep your event organized, and confirm who you would like to have in attendance. Reviewing your proposed guest list multiple times will help narrow down who you want to be there, and show whether you were on target with your estimated group size. If need be, you will still have the opportunity to make adjustments as needed, with a better-defined idea of your options when it comes to food, entertainment, and other important decisions regarding your party.

Overall, it is very easy to plan an amazing anniversary party while still in budget. By taking preliminary steps, you’ll be able to work within your budget throughout the planning process and allow the proper amount to each area of the party. Keep in mind that our helpful and knowledgeable team is here to help you make the best decisions for your event, especially when it comes to the venue. Be sure to contact our San Diego Anniversary Party Venue team to begin planning your anniversary party!